The Freelance Rate Calculator 👩‍💼
⚡️ Calculate the rate you need to meet your goals
As a freelancer, you have goals and expenses. This calculator gives you the minimum rate you need to charge to achieve your goals and pay your expenses. It's everything you need to plan a freelance business.
Calculates rates based on: Taxes • Savings • Living Expenses • Business Expenses • Travel
Instant access. Google Sheet.
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“I tried to make my own spreadsheet, but I got overwhelmed by the number of things to account for. I never would have guessed it could be so easy and accessible!”
— Megan Lister, Freelance Illustrator
“Charging too little is such a common trap for freelancers. With this calculator, you can protect yourself by finding out what’s sustainable.”
— Kai Oelfke, Entrepreneur & iOS dev
“I wish I had this years ago so I didn’t have to spend so much time fine-tuning my rate. This is the best rate calculator I've ever encountered!”
— Richard Van Le, Designer
“This calculator puts you in the center of the equation and answers the most important question first: Can my rate support my lifestyle?”
— Stephen Ierodiaconou, Web Developer
Freelancing can be a minefield 🧨
Only freelancers who plan ahead navigate the future successfully
Without a solid plan that considers your goals & expenses, you risk:
Never giving yourself time off because you might not make enough this month
Losing your best projects because you're always overwhelmed
Breaking your bank account when tax season arrives
How much to charge to survive thrive 🏄‍♀️
Stay ahead of your expenses by using this simple calculator
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Then, at the top of the Google Sheet, click File > Make a copy
Enter your goals & expenses 📊
Add your work & life expenses, as well as your hours on the clock
Know how much to charge clients! 🤑
Get the minimum hourly, daily, and weekly rates you need to charge
“The hardest part of a proposal is determining how much to charge. Let The Freelance Rate Calculator determine your minimum rate and scale up from there.”
— Joe Masilotti, Indie Dev
The Freelance Rate Calculator is out now! 🚀
⛔️ Stop wondering about how much to charge!
Figure out your freelancing rate for:
Making rent
Affording a car
Paying for internet/utilities/laptop
Taking a vacation
Paying taxes
Saving for the future
This spreadsheet has the answers:
Instant access. Google Sheet.
The Story Behind The Freelance Rate Calculator
Hi, I'm David.
I want to help more people choose independent paths in life, so they can work on what's important to them.
I believe self-directed people do the best work and find the best solutions.
Back in 2019, I contacted Zach Collins (an immensely talented freelancer) and hired him to create the most useful tool for freelancers that he could imagine.
He designed The Freelance Rate Calculator.
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